The Outer Limits [TV] S2E5: Demon with a Glass Hand


USA, 1964, b/w, 35mm, 51′
by Byron Haskin
Script Harlan Ellison – Cinematography Kenneth Peach – Music Harry Lubin – Cast Robert Culp, Arlene Martel, Abraham Sofaer – Production Daystar Productions, Villa Di Stefano, United Artists Television

Days ago Trent awoke with no memory of his past. Since then, sinister men have pursued him constantly. He manages to stay one step ahead of them by following the advice of… his hand! Made of glass and apparently capable of speech, Trent’s hand can answer many of his questions. But it cannot tell him who he is or why his enemies seek him until he finds all of its fingers. The only trouble is, they’re in the… hands… of his enemies!
IMDb – Written by CommanderBalok