Messico, 2009, colore,super 35 mm, 90′
di Francisco Laresgoiti
Sceneggiatura Jordi Mariscal – Fotografia Luís Sansans – Montaggio Pedro G. García, Carlos Puente – Musiche
Daniel Hidalgo, Tomás Barreiro – Interpreti Claudio Lafarga, Sandra Echeverría, Raúl Méndez, Marco Treviño, Luis Ernesto Franco – Produttore Yvette Gurza – Distribuzione La Casa de Cine – Sito uffficiale

It is the year 2033 in Mexico City, now called Villaparaíso. A military government controls the society, taking from it its religious faith and freedom of expression. Pablo, a young financial, and a “hidden” priest, leaves his privileged life in order to aid the helpless and destroy this system, which controls the people through an addictive drink called “Pactia.” He fights alongside the “believers’ to bring down the regime. Along the way, he meets Lucía, who gives him a reason to live.

Francisco Laresgoiti Francisco Laresgoiti is a civil engineer and studied cinematography at NYU in New York. Better known as “Chisco”, he has directed more than 20 commercials, 2 shortcuts, and elaborated experimental videos, as well as having produced a documentary. 2033 is his first feature film.