Svizzera, 2009, colore, 35 mm, 120′
di Ivan Engler
Sceneggiatura Arnold Bucher, Ivan Engler, Patrik Steinmann – Fotografia Ralph Baetschmann – Montaggio Bastian Ahrens, Halina Daugird – Musiche Fredrik Strömberg – Interpreti Martin Rapold, Michael Finger, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Yangzom Brauen, Pierre Semmler – Distribuzione Atlantis Pictures Ltd. – Sito ufficiale

Following the planet’s complete ecological collapse, most of Earth’s population lives in orbit on overcrowded space stations. Their only hope for escape is Rhea, a paradisiacal planet five light years from Earth that is prohibitively expensive to reach. Laura Portman, a young doctor, joins the crew of the cargo ship Kassandra on its four-year journey to Station 42 in hopes of earning enough money to join her sister Arianne on Rhea.

Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter are both of Swiss nationality. Engler has worked in advertising, is the director of the short film Nomina Domini and in 1998 founded his own visual effects company. Etter is a member of the In-halt collective and has directed short films like Loose Contact.