Dharma Guns


Francia, 2010, colore, 35 mm, 96′
di François-Jacques Ossang
Sceneggiatura François-Jacques Ossang – Fotografia Gleb Teleshow – Montaggio François-Jacques Ossang, JC Sanchez – Interpreti Jack Belsen, Little Drake, MKB Fraction Provisoire – Distribuzione UMedia

The film opens on a water-skiing accident – a girl (Délie) drives a speedboat and pulls a young man (Stan). They are both challenging their own limits when a crash occurs… Stan wakes up from a coma after this serious accident, to find out that genealogists are looking for an individual whose identity corresponds to his. Instead of asking himself questions about this testamentary filiation, he subscribes for Professor Starkov’s legacy, and embarks for the country of Las Estrellas. Dharma Guns revisits the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice fighting with the tiranny of Time-God…

François-Jacques Ossang, was born in 1965. He is a vriter and filmmaker and he is the author and director of four shorts and three full length films, such as L’Affaire des Divisions Morituri (1984), Le Trésor des Iles Chiennes (1991) and Docteur Chance (1998). He published a dozen books, such as “Génération néant” (1993), “Les 59 jours” (1999), “W.S. Burroughs” (2007).