Trieste Science+Fiction 2011


10-13 November 2011. Zombie Invasion
George A. Romero lands in Trieste to receive the career award. A horde of zombies, woken up for the occasion, fills up the Cinecity, the venue where the Festival has been taken place since 2000. The edition – notable for the change of the Festival’s name into Trieste Science+Fiction – hosts a focus on made-in-Russia space cinema as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first orbital flight.
The poster of the 2011 edition is emblematic of Trieste Science+Fiction’s love for the fantastic, the surreal and all that is on the verge between real and unreal: it shows a female “dancer” en pointe suspended in the air, as if she is being pulled up by an invisible force or by the invisible threads of a puppeteer.


L’Arrivo di Wang / Fratelli Manetti / Méliès d’Argent Winner
Cave of Forgotten Dreams / Werner Herzog
Extraterrestre / Nacho Vigalondo
Gantz / Shinsuke Sato
Gantz: Perfect Answer / Shinsuke Sato
Monsters / Gareth Edwards / Asteroid Award Winner
Nuclear Family / Kyle Rankin
The Prodigies / Antoine Charreyron
Sint / Dick Maas
Stake Land / Jim Mickle
The Show Must Go On / Nevio Marasovic
Target / Alexander Zeldovich
The Thing / Matthijs Jr. van Heijningen
Trollhunter / André Øvredal
L’Ultimo Terrestre / Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Gipi)

Corti / Shorts

Info Sheet / Thomas Pors
Le Jour des Poubelles / Sophie-Clémentine Dubois
Loop / Aritz Moreno
Mandragore / Fabrice Blin
Memorare / Dario Marzola
The Pack / Owen Tooth
Scusa Amore / Federico Ichi Scargiali
Skripka / Ludovico Piccolo
Souvenir / Mario Orman
Stereoscopy / Xacio Bano
Sudd: Out of Erasers / Erik Rosenlund / Méliès d’Argent Winner
There is Work for You in the Sky: See Mars! / Antonino Valvo
Transitus / Alceo Positano

Premio Urania / Omaggio a George A. Romero

Day of the Dead / George A. Romero
Diary of the Dead / George A. Romero
Land of the Dead / George A. Romero
Martin / George A. Romero
Night of the Living Dead / George A. Romero
Survival of the Dead / George A. Romero
Zombi / George A. Romero

Spazio Italia / Il meglio della produzione italiana

The Gerber Syndrome / Maxì Dejoie
Morituris / Raffaele Picchio

Focus Russia / Cinema dei cosmonauti

Dreaming of Space / Alexey Uchitel
First On The Moon / Alexey Fedorchenko
Paper Soldier / Aleksei German Jr.

Extra / Special Features

Abdus Salam. The Dream of Symmetry / Diego Cenetiempo
Flow: for Love of Water / Irena Salina