Germania/Russia/Kazakistan, 2011, 94’, col., DCP
di Veit Helmer
Sceneggiatura Sergej Ashkenazy – Fotografia Kolya Kano – Montaggio Vincent Assmann – Musiche Goran Bregovic – Interpreti Alexander Asochakov, Julie Marie De Villepin, Nazira Sitora Farmonova – Produttore Veit Helmer, Gulnara Sarsenova, Anna Katchko, Sergey Selyanov – Produzione Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion – International Sales M-appeal – Sito ufficiale

“Whatever falls from heaven, you may keep.” So goes the unwritten law of the Kazakh steppes. A law avidly adhered to by the inhabitants of a small village, who collect the space debris that falls downrange from the nearby Baikonur space station. The last two youthful members of the village are the radio operator Iskander, known as Gagarin, and the spirited Nazira. While Nazira finds it increasing difficult to conceal her love for Iskanderby, he is evidently not only crazy about Baikonur, but also deeply smitten with the beautiful French astronaut Julie Mahé, whose journey to the stars he wistfully follows on television. One day Julie literally “falls from heaven” in a small space capsule.