Nymph (Serbia, 2014, 94′)
di Milan Todorovic
con Franco Nero, Kristina Klebe, Natalie Burn

Two American girls go on vacation to an island in Montenegro where they venture into an old, abandoned fortress. There they find the watery lair of the killer mermaid and the vacation turns into a horrific nightmare. Beautiful bikini-clad young women basking in the boiling Mediterranean sun soon become no more than dismembered body parts. The American girls together with a mysterious fisherman, will fight an ancient forgotten creature of the sea, a man-eating mermaid, bringing a lot of blood and gore in this atmospheric gothic horror filled with sex appeal.
“I’ve always wanted to make a movie about Mamula island, a very mysterious and exciting place. When I was asked to make a movie about mermaids on location on the island, I immediately knew I had the right story for my next project. Sure, it is not easy to find original ideas, but you can start from the classic horror tropes and add new elements as you go along to make an original turn. I have added wonderful sunny locations and beautiful mermaids to a very dark tale. After all, there are not that many movies about mermaids around. Mermaids are incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing, and men cannot keep their eyes off them. They are willing to do anything to please them. Then, they turn into monsters and kill them. Nymph has all the pieces of a film I’ve always dreamed of making – amazing locations, beautiful women, sea creatures, violence, and… Franco Nero! It was a great pleasure to work with such a fantastic cast and I believe we made a kick-ass ensemble of exciting action scenes, suspenseful chases, and epic fights on land and sea.” – Milan Todorovic